How to Repair a Single Handled Shower Faucet

Single Handled Shower Faucet

Single Handled Shower Faucet model

A single handled shower faucet has one handle for both the hot as well as cold water, rather than the traditional two. These types of fixtures are generally found in remodeled, updated or new types of bathrooms. Repairing a single handled shower faucet it not at all different from that of double handled shower faucet. But being a home owner, keep in mind that repairing a single handled shower faucet might be an ambitious project for someone who isn’t familiar with this work.


Single handled shower faucet repairing tips:

Remove the fixtures:

First of all turn off the water, if you cannot do this from the shower, you will require for locating the water shut off from your home’s core plumbing lines. Next step is to shut the shower drain so that no parts of the shower fall down. If you’re unable of shutting it, make the use of cloth or towel. Most of the shower faucet consists of metal or plastic face plate that is required to be removed while repairing it. Simply remove the piece of shower from the walls.

Remove the cartridge:

Cartridge is basically the piece of metal work which you observe on the outer side of the faucet. You will observe cold and hot water shut offs on the either side of the shower faucet. The screws are small is size that can be easily tightened by using a flat head screw driver. Remove it by using pliers by popping off the pin or by turning the nut off. Use the pliers for carefully pulling off the cartridge installed in the shower faucet. It would come out easily but it is advisable for being slow for avoiding damage.

Replace the O-ring of the shower faucet:

After removing it carefully, you might see that the cartridge is affected by mildew or might have damaged, so it is advisable cleaning the cartridge under the running water. If it is damaged beyond the repair, it is important to replace the whole of the thing with the new one. Or you can simple remove the O-ring. Take this O-ring to the hardware store for identifying the exact replacement for the same. Replacing the tired O-ring with the new one should repair most single handled shower faucet cracks and leaks.

Keep certain things in mind like when putting the parts of faucets back together, applying a little amount of faucet grease will help you in prolonging the life of the parts.

Reassemble the parts:

Complete the process of repairing the leaky shower faucet by reassembling the parts of it. This is one of the good opportunities for cleaning any accumulation of mildew and any soap scum off of your shower faucets. If you’re planning of slicing the caulking for removing the face plate, don’t forget of re-caulking the pieces, and once the pieces are back together, test your project. Turn on the option of cold and hot water independently for assuring and observing no leakage in the single handled shower faucet in your bathroom.

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