Pros and Cons of Butterfly Roof

butterfly roofHome owners who want to opt for the luxurious and aesthetic looks of roofing methods in their home than for them, butterfly roofs are considered to be the best roofing method which can be installed in their home. There are many advantages of butterfly roofs which can thrust the interest of the home owners to construct and install it in the top surface of their home. But if there are many advantages of butterfly roof than it is also supplied with its demerits which the home owners will have to comply with. This method of roofing is very uncommon and will not notice much of it everywhere. But is popular all over the world because for its design and structure of constructing the butterfly roof. Once it is installed on the top surface of the home it gives the home a luxurious look which will be more attractive and fascinating for the home owners who are installing it in their home. This article will assist you to know the pros and cons of butterfly roof in your home.


  • The main and the foremost advantage of installing butterfly roof as their roof method is accumulation of rain water. This roofing method is more suitable to those areas where there is more rainfall because of its structure the water will get accumulated and will be helpful for the home owners to comply with. This water can be used for many purposes such as washing clothes, drinking water, etc.
  • Due to the aerodynamic structure of the butterfly roof, it provides with wind resistance and protects the home from storms and unwanted atmosphere. In fact this method of roofing is considered to be the best method of roofing which is highest wind resistant as compared to other roofing methods.
  • The home owners can install more of windows if they are opting for butterfly roof because of its structure which is reverse than that of the traditional roofing methods more spacious attics and exteriors are allowed in the home which will increase the look as well as the air ventilation in the home


  • As this roofing method is more unique and adheres more of structural works, it is considered to be more costly as compared to other roofing methods. The pattern, materials which are used in the installation of the roof, its aerodynamic structure needs more of the workers to work upon at the time of installing it in the roof.
  • Its maintenance cost is more as compared to other roofing methods because the materials which are used in the installation and the construction of roof are very costly and if the roof if pot maintained properly than it will incur more of cost expenditure to the home owners.
  • Butterfly roofing method is not suitable for those regions which have more of snow fall so it is advisable to confirm with the roofing contractors first regarding the decision of installing butterfly roof as your home roof, as its structure is not appropriate for the regions having more of snow fall.
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5 Trends In Home Carpeting In 2014

home carpetingThe home decors of today can accommodate carpeting that are soft touch as well as provide floors that that are tough. Hard floor surfaces are made up of concrete, timber, tiles and the warmth of carpeting gives a perfect combination and popularity. There is no other physical delight than to have your feet in the woollen, fluffy, intrinsically designed carpet. If you decide to choose a good quality product then it will go on for many years. There have been various trends in 2014 that is attributed to colour, texture and comfort. Following are the five trends which are followed in 2014.

• Trends in colours are very much in fashion. The areas that are surrounded by very high traffic such as hallways and stairs are decorated with durable carpet in a moderately dark colour, which can also be striped. These places can also have big, spun yarns which are deeper in tone such as chocolate brown and charcoal.

• The other trend in colour is also shown through the large sized plies that are cut and gives a contrasting shade in the center. There are certain woven strip designs where different textures are woven together and are especially from Brintos.

• There is a new trend of playing with various colours in the hall way, corridors and long areas. You can play with different shades without being too overwhelming. Another being the rustic look where neutral colours are in trend which helps to keep the place warm with shades of grey.

• There are also trends in comfort. It says that in the bedroom, the new trend brings in velvet carpets which are deep and smooth. The latest combination is that of multi layered carpets with highlighting features.

• Trends in texture are that of manmade fibers. These are very easy in terms of cleaning and you can also opt for synthetics.

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Hiring a Professional Flood Damage Restoration Service

Professional Flood Damage Restoration ServiceIf you are staying in a flood prone area, it’s wiser to stay in touch with a good flood damage restoration service beforehand. Flood damages are really messy leaving you no time to search for a restoration firm and thus your prior selection would be the most helpful here. However, you must know that not all flood damage restoration companies around can be reliable for you. There are many factors to consider before you zero in on a true professional flood damage restoration service.

Reputation & experience

Your chosen flood damage restoration company should carry a healthy reputation in the market. Choose around 4-5 potential names and carry on a comparative study on them. You have to check out their customer testimonials to understand how they dealt with their previous clients. It’s advised that you settle with seasoned agencies chiefly with minimum 5 years of professional experience. Flood damage restoration is quite humungous affair demanding expert attention & treatment chiefly.

Complete restoration guarantee

Make sure that your chosen flood damage restoration service guarantees complete restoration from flood damage.

Edgy treatment

It’s to stress here that leading flood damage restoration companies always use cutting-edge equipments for damage inspection and restoration to forward the most advanced service possible.

Bonded & insured

This is another very important point to remember while you are about to pick a professional flood damage restoration service company. The company you are taking to should be a bonded & insured one- it will eliminate any liability on your part if any of the company staffs hurts himself while working on your home.

Emergency response

The flood damage restoration company you hire, should be available 24/7. Flood damages are at times call for immediate attention, hence it’s much needed to select a restoration company which is flexible to work whenever called.

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How to select a home theater

home theaterAre you planning a home theater system off late? Home theaters are excellent entertainment amenities ensuring the relishing experience of a movie hall right inside the home. The tech-entertainment market is packed with a wide variety of home theater systems to pick from but not all could be suitable for you. Below goes a good guide that will help you to find the right home theater system for you.

• Reputed brand

First of all, you must make sure to settle with a reputed brand. Pick 4-5 potential brands in the market and study about the feedback received by their home theater systems. The survey will help you to come up with a comparative survey and informed decision as you move on for an expensive investment. Check out the expert ratings and customer reviews. The one you choose should be backed by a long list of happy users and maximum ratings from the experts.

• Features as per user needs

Then, you have to check out on the features of the home theater system as per your specific needs. For example, if you are looking to use the system to watch DVDs, go for the one with surround sound.

• Size

The home theater systems are available in various sizes. Always take note of your room size before buying the one for you.

• All-in-one system

You can go for an all-in-one home theater system. Here you are getting the entire set of equipments, including receiver, a Blu-ray or DVD player & all needed speakers in one package. Some of these packages come with a massive set of as many as 8 speakers so that you have sound flowing across all your rooms. With this complete system you are simply required to add on your TV- as everything else needed is already inside the home theater box.

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Insulation Tips For Your Basement

basement insulation Those of you who are living in a very cold region should realize that basement insulation is absolutely necessary for your home because if your basement is not insulated then it will allow too much cold air to enter your home and around thirty-five percent of heat will be lost. This in turn will influence the insulation of your entire home. Thus the importance of basement insulation should not be ignored by you.

Wall insulation is perhaps the most common insulation method. But before you insulate the inside walls of your basement, you have to make sure that the moisture problem related to your basement is taken care of appropriately. Along with that ensure that the wiring and plumbing system of your basement is well protected. The exterior walls of your basement must be insulated with a lot of patience because the insulation is going to affect the exterior appearance of your building as well. You can actually give a decorative finish to your building by utilizing proper insulation materials and techniques.

Ceiling insulation will keep the space above your basement absolutely warm and insulated. But the basement’s height will be lowered and the basement will remain very cool. This will become an issue for you if you wanted to convert your basement into some useful place or so. However, if the basement is really not that important for you then go ahead with the ceiling insulation method. Before insulating the ceiling, make sure the gaps and cracks in your basement are sealed effectively and appropriately.

Remember that insulation materials that you utilize for your basement must be of top-notch quality otherwise the basement insulation will not have the necessary effect on your home. Purchase the materials after a lot of research and from a trustworthy supplier. Take the help of a professional who is experienced in the field of basement insulation.

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Ideas to Decorate Your Home during Halloween

home decor  during halloweenHalloween is celebrated with enthusiasm. This Celtic fete takes place in the last week of October. Halloween is a special event because of enhancing the revival of supernatural force. Theme of Halloween festivals is based on mythology, superstition and fiction. If you decorate your house to celebrate Halloween, you must have a plan. You will have to talk to your friends in this connection. To create an adventurous ambience in your house, a guy should choose some special fixtures. These Halloween home décor artifacts and furniture must be fitted to restore Celtic ethos. Remember that your house becomes the den for witches, black magicians and spirits. So they must be entertained cordially. You can select a wacky hat for witches for home décor. This conical shaped wacky hat has a candle holder.

There are different types of Halloween home décor items in online storefronts. Goblins, spirits and demons don’t like artistically crafted artifacts. They prefer darkness. However, they have communities. They can attend their parties in dark rooms. So for decorating home for Halloween festival, choose essential items like human skull. Torn creepy clothes can be suspended from the wall. Chains of spider lighting fixtures can be hung from the roofs. Finally, you will have to switch off the electric bulbs. Your room must be dark to attract spirits to move inside the room. So, instead of using the powerful neon bulbs or strop lamps, buy candles to illuminate rooms. Spirits are found darting their bodies in light and shadow.

If you want more dare devil home décor to observe Halloween, you will have to shop online. Newly crafted home décor devices for Halloween celebration are sold online. Numerous tips, product reviews and feedbacks of customers help newcomers to buy original products. In addition, online videos display the recorded demos on Halloween home décor. Click your mouse to watch these short range video clips. Finally, utilize your talent to decorate rooms using less important junk materials.

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Maintaining a clean bathroom

clean bathroomBathroom is the most important room of the house. The bathroom should be kept clean not only because there may be guests at your place suddenly but also for your personal cleanliness and hygiene. There are certain hygiene standards which all individuals should maintain and since the bathroom is the most important part of sanitation everyone should start with the bathroom always. Neatness of the bathroom not only creates a good impression on guests but also reflects your personality in many ways.

Let’s start by saying that there is absolutely no need to clean your bathroom. Shocked? Yes well, there will be no need to clean your bathroom if only you don’t let it get dirty. Firstly look into the floor of the bathroom. They should always be dry no matter what. Wet and damp floors may damage the concrete and spoil the flooring by keeping it humid throughout. Damp floors may also lead to the growth of moulds and algae in the bathroom which may not be a very pleasant sight. The floors can be kept dry by wiping off the water every time the bathroom has been in use by those brooms which are mainly made for this purpose.

Always ensure that the bathroom is properly ventilated. Always keep the windows of the bathroom wide open and after every use switch on the exhaust fan if there is one.

It is important to get the bathroom floor cleaned at least once in a week and properly. There are innumerable bathroom cleaning products which are available in the market. Make sure these cleaning materials are not too hard on the bathroom floors and not very acidic which could do a bit of damage. Odours can be kept in the bathroom too for keeping it fresh. Soaps should be disposed once they become very small and unusable

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Tips to simple dining room decoration

dining room decorationAre you planning to redo the décor of your dining room and give it a brand new look? Well, as far as the décor of your dining space is concerned, it can be traditional or formal or a combination of both. While doing the décor of the dining room you will obviously have to take into consideration the overall décor of your home but you will also need to take into account factors like the size of your family, the occasions of which you will need a formal dining arrangement, the number of guests you expect during the dinner and also the proximity of the dining space to the kitchen.

If you are planning to give your dining room a new appearance, here are some tips,

If you want to make your dining room look formal you will have to keep in mind that a formal dining space requires character and you can add character to your dining space by adding simple wood panels and also beams on the ceilings.

If a traditional dining room is your preference then you can opt for the layered look. For the traditional layered look you can install crown molding as well as paneled wainscoating across the perimeter of your home.

You can also enhance the size of the baseboard and make it look for substantial by adding another piece of molding.
If you already have hardwood flooring in your dining room then you can simply re-finish the floor and stain it to give it a richer and deeper tone.

If you have a rectangular dining room, you can add a rectangular dining table. If your dining room is square then you can opt for a square dining table or even a round one.

Choose a particular element as the focal point of the room décor.

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Decorate Your Room with a Statement Dreamcatcher

Home decor ideas, home decorDreamcatchers have been used for years in traditional Native American culture and their significance and unique beautiful style have not only helped in keeping faith in the culture but also these have been enhanced they have the years and been used by many. These days, Dreamcatchers have also become a major hit among youngsters. It is used as a pretty statement décor for a room. These days, Dreamcatchers come in various colors, styles and sizes.

You can spice up your room now with a dreamcatcher as well. What’s better is that you can make it yourself. All you need is a few feathers, wool or thread and some beads and a wire or bangle depending how big you want your circle to be. Once you have it all ready, start wrapping the wool or threads around the circular wire or bangle to create a web like pattern. Leave some ends hanging where you can put the beads and feathers. Secure each knot and decorate the dreamcatcher with glitter if you want and you can now ward of nightmares….in style.

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Décor tips for your kid’s room

kid’s room decorKids are a god’s gift and every parent wants them to live happily and have all the happiness in the world. If you are planning to design a new room for your child where he can dream and grow up then you must make sure that you have selected the perfect décor ideas for that room. It is that place where your child will dream for his future and nurture his all life. Here are some tips that can help you in designing the room.

  • Select a color pattern that is bright and is loved by your child. You can also go for a space theme or cartoon character themes for the room. These themes are loved by every child.
  • Make sure that you build a playing arena for your child where one can spend time with some toys.
  • Make sure while making the room you leave a good amount of space for him to run and play in the room itself. As it is the place where you will see your child turning his imagination into reality.
  • You should also not forget to place a study table in the room so that he can spend some time with books.

Use this tips to create a perfect room for your child.

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