Pros and Cons of Butterfly Roof

Home owners who want to opt for the luxurious and aesthetic looks of roofing methods in their home than for them, butterfly roofs are considered to be the best roofing method which can be installed in their home. There are many advantages of butterfly roofs which can thrust the interest of the home owners to construct and install it in the top surface of their home. But if there are many advantages of butterfly roof than it is also supplied with its demerits which the home owners will have to comply with. This method of roofing is very uncommon and will not notice much of it everywhere. But is popular all over the world because for its design and structure of constructing the butterfly roof. Once it is installed on the top surface of the home it gives the home a luxurious look which will be more attractive and fascinating for the home owners who are installing it in their home. This article will assist you to know the pros and cons of butterfly roof in your home.


  • The main and the foremost advantage of installing butterfly roof as their roof method is accumulation of rain water. This roofing method is more suitable to those areas where there is more rainfall because of its structure the water will get accumulated and will be helpful for the home owners to comply with. This water can be used for many purposes such as washing clothes, drinking water, etc.
  • Due to the aerodynamic structure of the butterfly roof, it provides with wind resistance and protects the home from storms and unwanted atmosphere. In fact this method of roofing is considered to be the best method of roofing which is highest wind resistant as compared to other roofing methods.
  • The home owners can install more of windows if they are opting for butterfly roof because of its structure which is reverse than that of the traditional roofing methods more spacious attics and exteriors are allowed in the home which will increase the look as well as the air ventilation in the home


  • As this roofing method is more unique and adheres more of structural works, it is considered to be more costly as compared to other roofing methods. The pattern, materials which are used in the installation of the roof, its aerodynamic structure needs more of the workers to work upon at the time of installing it in the roof.
  • Its maintenance cost is more as compared to other roofing methods because the materials which are used in the installation and the construction of roof are very costly and if the roof if pot maintained properly than it will incur more of cost expenditure to the home owners.
  • Butterfly roofing method is not suitable for those regions which have more of snow fall so it is advisable to confirm with the roofing contractors first regarding the decision of installing butterfly roof as your home roof, as its structure is not appropriate for the regions having more of snow fall.
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