Tips on Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Among different types of flooring options, vinyl flooring is the most attractive, easy in installing and durable in nature. It is longer lasting and suits accurate even under the most trafficked section of the home. But maintaining it is little bit tricky. There are many tips on cleaning vinyl floors that helps in maintaining your floors too. Cleaning vinyl floors is a straightforward and cheap process. Cleaning materials and tools are easily available that can ease the process of cleaning vinyl floors. Try to reduce the dust level entering your home for maintaining the floors in a better way.


  • Installing doormat for cleaning the vinyl floors helps in keeping dirt out of the home. Chemicals and dirt are greatest two enemies of floors. Always try to avoid using them for enjoying longer lasting floors.
  • Doormat helps in catching the dirt and accumulates to a place that is only needed to be cleaned. The key factor of keeping any floor up to date is to keep it clean. Getting the dirt off before setting is a helpful tip for cleaning the vinyl floors.
  • It is a good habit of quickly running with a soft groom on the floor as you see any accumulated dirt on the surface. Using shampoo helps in cleaning the vinyl floors. It works well for cleaning it too. Take a squirt of shampoo and mix it well with a gallon of water. Apply it on the vinyl floors for expiring the shine and finish.
  • Using right type of cleanser for cleaning the vinyl floors is very important. If you floors are specialized with no wax, use specific type of cleaner not containing the ingredients of wax.
  • Follow the directions stated on the container for performing the cleaning process in a better way. If having old vinyl flooring installed, it will require wax stipulated cleaner that helps in making it shine as before.
  • Make the use of sponge or damp cloth and just clean the dirt gently. Don’t let the cleaner rest for longer time on the surface. Rub it properly and rinse with clean water. No matter what, if the cleaner manual offers not to rinse, still you should rinse it for preventing your vinyl floors from damage.
  • Don’t let the water rest on the floor, water will drench its way from the cracks or breaks in the floor and might also lead in damaging the floor. Use a mop for cleaning and soaking the extra water observed on the floors. Even the rested water can destroy the glue bond that holds the floor and the bottom surface of the home.
  • When moving any heavy furniture, it is important to lay a plywood sheet on the floor and move the furniture to other place for preventing scratches and damages.
  • Always make the use of dry mop before using the wet cleaners for cleaning the vinyl floors. It will help you in attracting the entire dirt quickly.
  • Planning for deep cleaning, mix a table spoon of dish soap to the vinegar solution. It will lift the accumulated dirt embedded in your vinyl floors.

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