Types Of Bath Tubs Installation

If you feel your home like your castle then bathroom will be such a place which will be offering you sanctum of relaxation and peace. In previous times, people thought bathroom to be a place of getting clean and wash up. But now days it is not just a place of getting clean, it is place for relaxation and peace.  And to satisfy this demand of peace and relaxation, bathtub plays a very important role. Spending time in bathtub takes you away from all worldly problems for some while.

There are several kinds of options available for bath tubs to choose for your bathroom, but it depends upon your personal choice and taste and the constraints and positions of your bathroom. Which kind of bathtub style will suit your bathroom? Where will be the bathtub placed? What material and color will be better for your bathtub? To solve all your questions, here are some of the bath tub styles which will help you choose a best one.


Recessed bathtubs are also known as alcove bathtubs. It has a wall along one side, it also has wall at the top and bottom side and hence there is only one side left and that side is the finished one. It is knows as apron. You are benefitted from the cost point of view as three side4s are not seen so you don’t have to spend money on finishing them. These types of bathtubs are the most common types of bath tubs and as they are installed in the side of the bathroom, iy offers you with lots of free space in the bathroom to use. Generally faucets are also wall mounted and with a minor addition you can also get the shower added over there.


As the name suggest and similar to the nature of recessed tubs, corner bathtubs are installed in the corner of the bathroom. It can either be placed along the wall side to save the space of flooring or it can also be placed diagonally to get the spacious and open feel of the bathtub. But there is a drawback in corner bathtub there all types of these bathtubs cannot have shower. These types of bathtubs are available in plenty of designs and patterns and it suits most of the décor of any type of Bathroom. They are generally placed next to the cabinets or vanity so that space is saved in the bathroom.

Free standing

Free standing bathtub also recognised as traditional bathtub gives most versatility when the question arises of placement as the installation process of these types of bathtubs is very simple. You don’t need to have any special type of drilling for faucet and that is a plus point. The plumbing is also very simple as only single drain is needed. Free standing bathroom gives a very classic look and suits with any traditionally styled bathroom. They have common designs which suit with every kind of bathroom and enrich their look.

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